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What do you think of the new DA page layout? :3 

6 deviants said I'm neutral about it or don't really care xD
1 deviant said It really stinks! D:
No deviants said I think it's amazing! 83


What do you think of the new DA page layout? :3
6 deviants said I'm neutral about it or don't really care xD
1 deviant said It really stinks! D:
No deviants said I think it's amazing! 83
Your ready to start your epic medieval journey, pick a weapon! :3
What do you look for the most in anime/manga? o3o
As of today, how satisified are you with your happiness? X3
2 deviants said 8-9! Doing pretty well :3
2 deviants said 6-7! I'm doing good I suppose X3
2 deviants said 1-3, not too happy at the moment x_x
1 deviant said 4-5, not quite there but sort of happy >.<
No deviants said Perfect 10! Couldn't get any better! <3

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Meme :3

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 9:25 AM
Gallery / DA Portfolio / Watch Me / Note Me

Love you - commission by Warriorofthewild

I haven't done one of these in forever >.< Take a look at my love life :3

1. Who are you in a relationship with?

-I'm in a relationship with :iconk3ri1: Heart

2. The date you got together?

-September 30th, 2010 -^^- 

3. Where/how did you meet?

-We met at Campfire Club as kids. We were really
young at the time XD

-It just happened. Felt like it was fate <3

4. What did you think the first time you saw him/her?

-I saw her as a good friend :3 Although we didn't meet up much until later on x.x

5. Is your partner your best friend?

-She's more then a best friend to me -^^-

6. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up, would you still wanna be friends?

-I couldn't imagine the reason why we would break up o.o
We always talk things through if a problem came up <3
That's what you call "Teamwork" -^^-

7. On a scale from 1-10 how good looking is your girlfriend/boyfriend?

-That number is limitless ^//^

8. Who asked who?

-I asked her out but sort of said it wrong XD <3

9. Do you talk a lot?

-Every day, all the time! If I stopped talking to her,
something would be wrong >.< <3 

10. Describe your gf/bfs personality?

-Committed, Fun, Adventurous, Romantic, Tough and 
Keriing -^^-  (You get the joke? XD)

11. Gf/bfs best feature?

-She'd never back down from believing what is right.
For someone to stand their ground, that wins a lot
of respect and independence <3 I want to be strong
like her <33 

12. On a scale from 1-10 how much does he/she make you laugh?

A good 10! XD There's never been a visit where we didn't laugh X3 <3

13. Would you die for him/her?

-I'd take my life to protect her if I had to <3 And no,
this does not include suicide XD

14. Nicknames?

-"Kelly Belly" for laughs sometimes X3 
"Cutie" is another one -^^-
I mainly call her "Kelly" <33

15. What do you have in common?

-Where do I even start? XD

-We both love to travel and try out new things <3
-We are video game nerds together X3 (We love every system :3 Co-op games preferably <3)
-We love manga and anime for life :3 (Even I watch the girly ones like Azumanga Daioh, Air and DN Angel ->.>-)
-Every activity we do as a pairing (Except using the toilet XD)
-We often share the same meal because we think its 
romantic <3 (Milkshakes and Shirley Temple included X3) 
-We love to spoil each other with lots of love and comfort 

16. How much is he/she on your mind?

-Would you believe if I told you every day, all the time? <3 

17.  Have you ever dreamed about him/her?

-Absolutely! -^^- Mostly good, some scary though D: <3

18. Do you want to be together forever?

-I would be more then happy to be with her forever -^^-
I hope she feels the same ->.<-

19.  Have you ever had a fight?

-We had a couple of times, mainly because I
 wouldn't speak my mind. Boys, always open up
because it helps you both :3 <3

20. How long have you been together?

-Almost 4 years now -^^- 

21. Have you dated this person before?

-Ever since the first time I asked her, we've been dating since -^^-

22. Do you think he/she will fill out this quiz as well?

-I hope she does ;w; <3

23. How far apart is your age?

-9 months apart! :3 <3

24. Favorite Memory?

-I think most couples can relate to this <3
First kiss >//<

25. If you were too look him/her right in the face right now what would you wanna say?

-"I missed you" -^^-

Tag: Anyone who has a lover! :3 Don't be shy now! X3

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