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+Gamer Corner+

Stamp: Assassin's Creed Revelations by wLadyB91

Super Mario 3D World Stamp by Team-LavaPokePark 2: Wonders Beyond Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsTimbre Tales of Xillia 2 by LeDrBenjiAnimated Stamp: Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire by Azure--PhoenixPersona - Minato Stamp by FireBomb9Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsStamp Sly Cooper by Verona7881Tales of Symphonia OP Stamp by linkhero55ZoneOfTheEnderHDCollectionStampINKDesignNFRMD by ItachiNoKami91Hyrule Warriors stamp by ChrysalisloverKaos Trap Team Stamp 2 by WeirdHyena

Mario Kart 8 Stamp by Fawfulthegreat64Timbre Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze by LeDrBenjiTimbre Pikmin 3 by LeDrBenjiDigimon Animated Stamp 006 by hanaktXenoblade Stamp by Blue-Cup

Final Fantasy X by darkdisciple-stamps

Brotherhood Stamp by SpannedSoulTokyo Jungle by Pouasson-de-oroThe Wolf Among Us Stamp 2 by angelbebop8Assassin's Creed II stamp by iamademThe Last Story stamp by Blue-CupTWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8Last of us stamp by giingaChild of Light Stamp by LunaiMarx stamp 3 by CinsaTalXenoMakerTales of Xillia Fan Stamp by EngelchenYugiRayman Legends - Barbara by PokuMiiTWD Game Season 2 Stamp by angelbebop8Wind Waker Stamp by FreezingIceKirbytwilight princess stamp. by Super-Seme-RikuPokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons



Feb 28, 2015
5:10 pm
Feb 26, 2015
10:25 pm
Feb 23, 2015
3:29 pm
Feb 20, 2015
2:12 pm
Feb 14, 2015
11:42 am

Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper are coming out with movies, would you want a "Spyro" movie? :3 

2 deviants said YES! *w*
1 deviant said Nuu! Because I'm afraid they will ruin his image D:
No deviants said I'd be ok with it :3

Activities for Fun Meme!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 9, 2015, 9:07 AM

I haven't posted a journal in almost 3 months?! Geez! o_o Let's start with a meme again that I made up xD

Pick 10 people on DA you want to choose for this meme and number them 1-10:

1) :iconk3ri1:
2) :iconashesandembers:
4) ::iconcoloured-prisms:
5) :iconscale-the-wyvern:
6) :icondrakenangelus2:
7) :iconkarnetia:
10) :iconshinysparky:

Use a number generator and see if you would agree to do the following activities with the person chosen. You can’t pick the same person more then twice.

1) Taking out ______ to an amusement park.


-That would be fun! I hope she wouldn't mind if we tried a scary roller coaster xD

2) Going to the gym to workout with ______ for an hour or two.


-I don't know if the gym is the place you'd want to hang out but hey, why not? :3 Treadmills or the swimming pool I guess? xD

3) Drawing a collaboration picture with ______.


-Forgive me if I can't draw very well! x,3

4) Having ______ with you makes you feel comfortable during a zombie apocalypse.


-If you know how to handle a crowbar or pistol like I can, I think we'll make it for a little while :3

5) Playing a co-op game with ______ would be exciting.


-Yeah! I would be totally up to that! x3

6) Going out on a hike or walk with ______ would be enjoyable.


-I sure wouldn't mind if she was up for hiking for 2 hours ^_^

7) Eating at an ice cream parlor with ______.


-Why not? :3 The problem is I don't know what your favorite ice cream flavor is XD

8) Asking ______ out on a date would be romantic.


-Being romantic....with this guy....You and I both know that this will NEVER happen! XDD

9) Making dinner with ______ would turn out very well.


-Oh I know we could, definitely <3

10) Racing against ______ in a go-kart race could be a challenge.


-Does she know how to drive? xD I get the feeling she would kick my rear if she practiced enough XD

11) You would take ______ to Disneyland with you.


-That would be pretty fun! *w* Wait, I hope she likes Disneyland TwT

12) Going out to a party with ______ would be a blast.


-If there's video games in this party, it's going to be a LOOOONNNNNGGGG night! :3

13) ______ is having a bad day. Give him or her a hug?


-I'd give him a bro hug if he wanted it, but ONLY if he doesn't mind me getting this close to him XD

14) Living with ______ for a month would be fun.


-We'd be great roommates! Wouldn't be surprised if our walls were covered with minecraft stuff xD

15) Do you think you could beat ______ in an eating contest?


-It's funny because we both can eat A LOT XD Maybe it depends on the food? >.> xD

16) Your about to take a math test. Would you or ______ get a higher score?


-I believe I got this one because math is not her speciality but in exchange, her English would beat me for sure xD

17) A day at the beach with ______ would be relaxing.


-That would be interesting! :3 I'll bring the beach ball, towels, umbrella and surf boards! x3 

18) You and ______ would take a silly photoshoot together.


-I think we'd be creative enough to break the camera with our randomness XD

19) If you and ______ had to choose between mopping the tile floor or vacuuming the carpet, which one would do what?


Whatever she wants, I'll do the other =3

20) You could tell ______ your secrets.


I could! I trust him most definitely! ^^

  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: The birds outside :3
  • Reading: Nothing much xD
  • Watching: My health >_
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby! :3
  • Eating: Pancakes x3
  • Drinking: Water :3


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ShinySparky Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist remember this? XD 
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ShinySparky Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for playing brawl with me I hardly play it XD
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K3RI1 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey love <3 

Don't mean to interrupt but I saw update on the game list and you forgot to put Remember Me and zone of the enders on the complete list <3

Love ya! -^^- 

~Poofs away in a cloud of smoke
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Scale-the-Wyvern Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Omg look at this..

... just LOOK AT IT...

... New Canvas by Shadow-Crystol ... I LURVE YOU, Shadow-Crystol :icongrinstareplz:
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