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Won't forget that kiss <3

Activities for Fun Level 2 Meme!

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 5:26 PM

Do you remember this meme from before? :3 Let's pick another set of questions for it! See what random results we end up getting XD

Pick 10 11 people on DA you want to choose for this meme and number them 1-10:

1) :iconk3ri1:
2) :iconashesandembers:
3) :icondinok-wahrok:
4) :iconcoloured-prisms:
5) :iconxxswguardianxx:
6) :icondrakenangelus2:
7) :iconkarnetia:
8) :iconkai-ryuuko:
9) :iconbenjamillion:
10) :iconshinysparky:
11) :icondeviant-soulmates:

Use a number generator and see if you would agree to do the following activities with the person chosen. You can’t pick the same person more then once.


1) You've been told that your friend ______ is having a birthday in 2 days and your the party planner! Budget has no limits! Got a theme ready for them?


Oh I definitely have the perfect idea for a birthday party for you ;3 I hope you wouldn't melt from it ->.<-

2) It's spin the bottle! You and a friend of yours are going into the closet and your about to kiss. To be sure, you turn on the lights and its ______! Continue or stop?

Sorry Scale :3 Unless if you were :iconk3ri1:, I wouldn't kiss anyone else x3

3) You bought a plane ticket to your vacation spot! You accidentally bought two though! It just so happens that ______ is at the airport wishing you best of fun on your trip! Take him/her with you?


Would you be interested in going to Japan? :3 I have a good feeling you might so you can come along if you wish! ^.^

4) It's time to arm wrestle! Both you and ______ got your arm ready and its go-time! Who will win?!


I have a confession! You both would win :stare: xD

5) You found out that ______ was an all-mighty legendary being who has the power to control the world! Are you ok with this?


Oh Deathy! Forgive me of my sins and don't punish me with your Decepticons! ;w;

6) It's Valentine's Day! You are about to send an anonymous gift to a friend of yours. You decide to send them a huge stuffed plushie of their favorite anime/manga character, a huge box of their favorite treats and a bundle of roses. Turns out you sent them to ______! Are you embarrassed?


That would be quite embarrassing ->.<- Even more so since he'd wonder why I did that in the first place XD

7) Time to babysit 6 kids for the next 12 hours! You and ______ were chosen for this task. Think you two could cooperate to make the kids happy?


I hope your good with kids because there's only so many I can handle! :la:

8) It turns out that you and ______ got into a plane crash and landed on an abandoned island! Would you be ok if you two were stuck on the island together for the next 6 months?


You and I both know we're in good shape physically so I think we can manage if we tried hard enough! x3

9) Your favorite video game became real and if your friend ______ or you had to choose between being on the side of the villain or protagonist, which side would you pick?


Since Spyro: Dawn of the Dragons is my favorite, let's team up on the good side! The only problem is...who would be Cynder?! :icondragonlaugh: XDD

10) It's time for a road trip! The next 2000 miles will be with your friend ______! Would it be fun or a drag?


How funny because last time, we went to Disneyland together in this last meme XD Sure! I think it'd be lots of fun to cross around the U.S with her ^.^

11) You just told ______ about your deepest, darkest secret? How well do you think they would handle it?


Oh boy, I don't know about this one :stare: XD

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May 17, 2015
12:35 pm
May 16, 2015
1:24 pm
May 13, 2015
8:43 am
May 13, 2015
4:59 am
May 12, 2015
9:33 am

Which of these do you prefer? ^^ 

3 deviants said Manga! (Reading it)
3 deviants said Anime! (Watching it)


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